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Billi Kwikwash Benchmount

Model Number: Kwikwash Benchmount

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Attractive and functional, KwikWash has been carefully designed for maximum water savings and simple, safe access. The stylish solution for a variety of environments, flexible KwikWash can be wall or sink mounted and is Disabled Access compliant.
A clever spout-mounted movement sensor responds with instant hot water as hands move into the basin. Water flows at a comfortable 38°C until movement ends and water saving shutoff occurs. A discreet light indicates every stage of operation.

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Billi is Australia's own filtered water system. Leading the way for over 20 years, we have maintained a commitment to leadership and innovation. The result is a range of uncompromising quality.
Award-winning Billi water systems are preferred by Australian designers and architects for their timeless styling and space-saving design. Offering energy and water efficiency benefits, Billi is Australia’s touchstone for filtered water systems and sensor tap technology.