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New Age Veneers NAVLAM Sandblasted Carobo

Model Number: Sandblasted Carobo

New 20age 20veneers 20navlam 20sandblasted 20carobo
New 20age 20veneers 20navlam

Sandblasted - is a pre-finished genuine wood veneer laminate with a natural matt clear polyurethane acrylic coating. The surface has a peel-off plastic film to protect it during transport and fabrication.

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Original.2014 nav black

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New Age Veneers

In the New Age we require the warmth and beauty of timber with the demands of predictability and well-managed forestry. Global impacts on our natural resources have spurred demands for innovative products to catalyse and compliment future trends in architectural and interior design.
With this need in view, New Age Veneers proudly presents an elegant, timely and unique range.

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