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Zumtobel OPURA

Model Number: OPURA

Zumtobel 20opura
Zumtobel 20opura.


  • Freestanding luminaire with seamless low-profile aluminium luminaire head with absolutely no joins
  • Option to fit luminaire head on right or left of luminaire stand
  • Aluminium luminaire stand and steel base for good stability.
  • Highly reflective luminaire in white powder-coated finish. Silver-look finish available on request
  • Ultra-uniform illumination of entire surface of direct-light optic
  • Asymmetric indirect light distribution achieves optimum visual conditions by directing light onto the task area
  • Indirect/direct light can be switched/dimmed separately
  • Asymmetric head attachment at 90° angle to base for optimum positioning over desk
  • Sealed direct-light compartment means quicker cleaning
  • High luminaire efficiency and lower installed load achieved by using the latest 28 W compact fluorescent lamps for the direct light component
  • Direct light uses 
  • MPO + micropyramidal system with multilayer technology for optimum glare control delivering L < 1500 cd/m² at 65°, specially designed to cut out glare from tilted / horizontal monitors

*Model drawn by manufacturer

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Zumtobel has teams of lighting specialists in all major capitals,  dedicated to the lighting specification market. We have in-house technical, marketing and engineering support for the entire Zumtobel portfolio, plus a direct link to the product's designers and manufacturers in Germany / Austria.
When you deal with Zumtobel you are dealing with the brand itself, not a third party agency. The benefits of this are immeasurable. Our portfolio is very broad and deep. Your requirements of technical knowledge, history, experience and future potential can only be met with comparable knowledge from your luminaire supplier.
Zumtobel Lighting operates exclusively in the lighting specification market. Through our relationships with lighting specifiers, we work to ensure the most appropriate lighting solution is supplied to the end-user.


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