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Elmich VGM Green Wall

Model Number: VGM Green Wall

Elmich 20green 20wall
Elmich 20green 20wall.

VGM Green Wall is comprised of vertical modules assembled from high strength lightweight structural panels, incorporating interlocking snap-on clips for easy assembly. The front panel has a unique grid to facilitate planting of up to sixteen plants per module.
VGM Green Wall modules contain a geotextile liner into which is placed a suitable planting mix. The modules are preplanted in a nursery environment to allow proper establishment to occur before installation on site.
VGM Green Wall modules are either mechanically fastened on walls using steel bolts or inserted into free standing steel support racking structures.
VGM Green Wall module installations include drip irrigation systems that are positioned at appropriate intervals, depending on wall heights. Collection trays may be positioned, at ground level to allow overflow water to be discharged or recycled.

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