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Qasair Rangehoods Integra

Model Number: Integra

Qasair 20rangehoods 20integra
Qasair 20rangehoods 20integra.

The Gallery Integra (IN) rangehood presents the very best styling in stainless steel whilst retaining high efficiency and performance.

It is available with two or three motors, ensuring optimum results over all domestic cookware. It can also be incorporated over commercial and high performance cookware. Switches are remote and not on the hood.

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Qasair Rangehoods

Australians experience a huge range of cuisine right in their own kitchens, and it is imperative that all heat and odours are removed from the kitchen. This is particularly true with the open entertainment environment becoming so predominant in Australian homes.
With QASAIR you can prepare and serve the most exotic dishes without filling the house with unpleasant odours. All meats can be now barbecued inside so steak, sausages, chops, fish and chicken fillets can be cooked to perfection.
QASAIR Rangehoods are designed and made to remove the by-products of cooking Heat, Steam, Grease, Odours